Care Instructions

Anyone can be successful with caring for plants, you just need the right information.

This guide will show you a plant’s basic needs and how to notice if it’s struggling.

**Tip: For all the plants below use untreated water, if you must use tap water, let the water sit out over night to allow the chemicals to evaporate, this is especially important with softened water.


Air plants


  • Use a spray bottle to water your plant as often as you like, from every other day to every other week.
  • Use the soak method, soak the plant in water for 5 minutes up to 20 minutes.
  • Place the plant upside down or set on a towel as it dries. Having the plant upside down while it dries helps prevent to water from collecting at the base which can promote rot.


  • Don’t soak your plant for longer than 20 minutes.
  • Don’t store plant in a dark place.
  • Don’t pull off any dying leaves, if there is still green color then it is still alive.



  • If remembering to water your air plant seems to be your biggest obstacle, you can place it in a bathroom window and the steam from a shower will water the plant for you!
  • If the leaves are starting to curl under the plant that is a sign it’s wilting and needs more water, or better lighting.





  • Modestly water when the soil is dry. How often you water the succulent varies season to season so observing when the soil is dry is a good way to tell if your succulent is ready for water.
  • Store your succulent where it can get plenty of sunlight.


  • Don’t fill the rock bottom of the terrarium with water. This is here by design to allow air flow and drainage. Water at the bottom does not reach the roots and too much water will prevent the soil from drying and promote mold growth. Yuck!
  • Don’t water your Succulent straight under the tap, use a cup or bowl so you can have more control on the amount of water you give the succulent.


  • If the petals appear wrinkled that is a sign the succulent is not getting enough water.
  • If the petals are plump and fall off with a gentle touch that means the Succulent is getting TOO much water.





  • A Cactus needs significantly less water during the Winter months compared to the Summer months. The shorter sun cycle signals the Cactus to go into dormancy and become more prone to over watering and mold. Once a month to every 3 months is frequent enough to keep a Cactus alive and healthy.
  • Place cactus where it can get plenty of sunlight, like a window.


  • Similar to Succulents don’t fill the rock bottom of the terrarium with water. This is here by design to allow air flow and drainage. Soggy soil means soggy roots which means MOLD! It is especially difficult to spot mold in a cactus because is will mold from the inside out.
  • Don’t touch the spines, it might be tempting, but it hurts and some species will leave behind tiny slivers that are difficult to see with the naked eye


  • Use about 1/8 – 1/4 of a cup of water depending on the size of the terrarium.


Go to the Contact page to reach out with questions regarding care and I will do my best to help you.