Inspiration is something everyone eventually wants, and seeks out. For some once they find it, they can harness its abilities and create something great. Others are very good at giving it and help spark a flame to light up a city. Few will try to talk you down or try to take your inspiration away, out of their subconscious jealousy. If you are willing you can overcome any obstacles and hold on to what inspires you to have the strength to achieve what you want.

I can prove it!

There are three key aspects that will help you harness the power and energy of inspiration and accomplish anything that is beneficial, They are adaptability, perseverance, and transformation. The three work together in your favor and are fueled by what inspires you. Source this fuel by being surrounded with where the inspiration comes from. For me I find inspiration in the plants I care for and sell. The air plant, cactus and succulents have been a great example to each of the three key aspects and with them I have found gratitude and happiness. When I look back to what my life was like as recent as 2 years ago, and compare it to now I feel like a dream came true. I turned my life around from black to white, it was a huge change and huge adjustment, and I did it. No matter how hard it got and how tempting the easy way out was, I held on to my inspiration. That last happy thought, when hope seemed lost and I am here today because I practice what I preach and I didn’t give up.

No matter what the situation is things don’t always go according to plan. In order to succeed one must be able to improvise and be wiling to change course.  Even in a life span things don’t go according to plan or as expected. Some develop or are born with a disadvantage; whether it is physical, mental, or environmental it can seem like such an unfair burden to overcome. Thinking of it as a burden is overwhelming and discouraging, and during my time caring for plants I learned of a better way to think of this. I think of my “disadvantages” as an opportunity to evolve and grow and an opportunity for a more fulfilling life.

Air plants are a wonderful example of how anything can be possible. Back in the day and I mean way, back to prehistoric times plants were only in the water. Eventually plants would evolve to grow on land, but that came with many risk. Grazing from herbivores, competition for sunlight, need for space in the soil to get vital nutrients. The soil was not working out for this amazing unique plant so it ditched the soil, so to speak. Air plants do in fact have roots, but not for absorbing water its sole purpose is for stability. The long root provides the ability to attach to a rock or tree and stay put. Having stability is so important for a lot of reasons. Personally when I found stability I had the opportunity to put more of my strength towards healing rather than constantly putting myself back together again.

So if the Air plant ditched the soil how are they suppose to seed and procreate? Well they don’t seed, instead they have pups. I love to share my first Air plant pup and illustrate what they look like.


Did you notice that white stuff all over the leaves? That is part of the plant, it’s called Trichomes and its what allows the plant to absorb water and nutrients from thin air. The Air plant is independent, defies the norm and is amazingly adaptable. Air plants are around today because of their adaptability and development of unique features. The Air plant inspires that it is possible to ditch a horrible situation and create a more desirable one, like how the air plant ditched the soil to grow in a better environment.

“Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.” – The Buddha.

Stability and self-reliance can help with the changes, like it does for the Air plant. My hope is that you bear an open mind to, plants are living things like you and me and if they can do it you can do it. We all breath the same air and get the same minerals from the same soil. If you are one to believe in spiritualism, understand it is not about religion. Spiritualism is about drawing in positive energy from what’s around you. To possess living proof of your goal would serve as a good source of spiritual motivation, some examples are a plant, or that feeling to keep going after a pep talk from a close friend. I’m giving this example to illustrate that obtaining spiritual help from others is not being dependent. The Air plant will attach to a tree but it is not dependent on the tree.

The Air plant was so adaptable, it is now a plant unlike any other. YOU are a person unlike any other, no one else has your same opportunities to grow and strive for the best. Some settle for less than they deserve or accept an unhappy life as normal, but it isn’t necessary. Although that might be viewed as acceptance, real acceptance gives strength to overcome and improve. Accept the bad as opportunities and accept the requirement to be adaptable in order to move past obstacles. Becoming adaptable is a wonderful gift, in fact it is what separates the survivors from the non-survivors. I had to overcome a lot in my years and my adaptability is now one of my biggest strengths.  As the years go on I am grateful for my acquired skill, I am closer to being able to make the stars of my destiny align the way I want to. Out of all my plants the air plant is one I keep in every room, its inspiring beauty compliments any area.

The existence of being human is one of the hardest things in the world. There are so many dangers and vulnerabilities just in our mere existence as a species. This makes perseverance vitally important to any efforts, this means to roll with “punches” and never give up.

The mindset I have with perseverance is that time will go on any ways so where do I want to be when that time has passed? In a sense what can I do today to effect tomorrow? Most importantly what changes do I need to make in order to keep going. When the going gets tough how can one possess the ability to keep going no matter what? The solution can be different for everyone, to me a Cactus is a wonderful example of what perseverance truly means.

The cactus is known for its tolerance to drought and the extreme conditions of the American continents. Cactus have a special and sometimes painful feature, the term for their sharp pokey- stabby is spine. Not many plants have spines and the cactus have them for defense against being eaten, and for shade against the desert sun. The cactus inspires the necessity to defend myself and take care of my needs in a smart way, while going with the flow and taking the bad in with the good. I wont be aggressive unless there is a real threat to my life and well being. Acting out in violence or revenge goes NOWHERE and gains NOTHING, but bad consequences. My defense mechanism helps me to stand by what I believe and how I feel. An example, to only include genuine and respectful people in my inner circle is a type of defense mechanism. I would never be put in a hurtful situation, and its a non aggressive way to maintain my needs.

The cactus’s other well known feature is to stores water for times of drought, like how holding on to what inspires you will give self nourishment when times are tough. Some things to store in a notebook or diary are lessons learned and your reason to continue. Your reason to why you keep going, when hope seems lost, why hold on, why try again? What is the one reason to keep fighting and not give up? The cactus saves water because it knows it will rain again, but patience and perseverance is required to make it to the next rainfall. How can you develop more perseverance like a cactus and how does it help you achieve your ultimate goal? The cactus had thousands of years to figure this out and evolve, so remember these wise words,

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Time and privacy will assist in figuring out what is your special feature and defense mechanism. Come failure, hard times, or obstacles there is always a reason and a way to keep going and make it. The cactus inspires proof of the beneficial results in perseverance, and learning from mistakes and hardships can also provide a chance for a truly happier life.

Earlier I mentioned I felt closer to aligning my stars of my own destiny. Well then what’s stopping me from just doing it? Nothing really, except in order to harness the energy of inspiration and create my own destiny I will be required to go through a lot of transformation. Break old habits, change of daily routine, and breaking out of a suppressing life cycles.

Some develop or are born with a physical, emotional or environmental opportunity for a more fulfilling life, and that makes transformation undeniable. Certain forms of depression or abuse are called life traps, in the mental wellness world. A life trap can be a hurtful situation or event that one has grown used to. It can become so normal the person affected may develop a comfort zone and the consequence is the amount of courage needed to let go. Understandably a huge change in lifestyle is frightening, and a transformation is a risk that can seem to outweigh the potential consequences. Truthfully YOU do have enough courage, we all have enough courage and if it seems like there is not enough, spirituality comes into play. Remember those that are good at giving inspiration, these are the people that you can draw positive energy from. Where do you think the Cowardly Lion got his new found courage from? In the story it is portrayed it was within himself all along, while arguably this is true, what is not so apparent is what awaken his courage. The Lion’s new reassurance, support, and encouragement from his new companions awaken his inner courage to get out of the life trap, through spirituality the Cowardly Lion did incredible things.

To transform means to change in appearance or character. A succulent transforms in appearance in different scenarios in order to survive. When succulents are under stress the colors may change and leaves are likely to fall off, or the succulent will grow new leaves and even a flower. Another scenario is when a succulent is over watered or withering it will drop the unhealthy leaves. This is in order to condense it’s energy towards the healthier ones. Metaphorically a leaf is like a routine, habit, or life trap, and one must get rid of the unhealthy ones and focus more on the healthy one. Character is bound to change and improve like the succulent’s appearance over time.


This succulent cutting pictured has grown a taller stem that is a lighter shade of green, along with it grew a new leaf and a flower at the end. The flower has not yet bloomed, but in time will.

Succulents have been the key stone to my own personal transformation. When I needed a lot of courage to overcome my own life traps, succulents became my companion, and the therapeutic benefits of caring for a plants were very real with me. The transformation I made was to change what I did immediately after being faced with a problem or obstacle. My old habit was when a problem would arise, I would start to unknowingly break myself down. Thoughts similar to “I can’t do this” would take my energy. It was exhausting to repair the damage of self-defeating thoughts. In all honesty I have not 100% overcome them, I still get self-defeating thoughts from time to time, but it no longer gets me down. Now when I am faced with a problem and I learned those thought will habitually creep into my mind so I do something with my succulents. I water them, propagate them, and create the unique arrangements featured on Instagram and throughout this site. A perfect distraction, a fun hobby and caring for my plants is something I genuinely love to do. By making this transformation I can now approach the problem with a clear mind and I have more energy and motivation to begin with. From the succulent I’ve learned that the more I let go of my bad habits and life traps, the better chance I have to flourish and blossom. Transformation is the core of healing, growing and thriving.

I practice what I preach and I surrounded myself with what inspires me. Individually and together these plants inspire me to go for my dreams, never settle and accept change as one of the best parts in the process of healing and personal growth. Remember in a way change is inevitable, so if there is a situation you are unhappy with eventually it will change. Equally so, if there is a situation you are happy with, there is always the potential it can get better.

Your inspiration will be a beacon of light in the darkest of times. A lighthouse in a storm showing you the way you need to go.

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