Welcome to Corky Plants

Why buy from Corky Plants instead of the floral department at your local grocery store? Corky Plants arrangements are; high quality, environmentally friendly, customizable and provide online assistance to give you confidence and reassurance when you take your beautiful arrangement home.

Our top quality plants come with a 30 day guarantee, which means if it dies in the first 30 days we’ll replace it, as long as you followed the do’s and don’t’s in the care instructions. A lot of research went into making them so they are informative, accurate and easy to follow.

We use as much recycled and reusable material possible to help the environment with each arrangement. A few examples are repuposing cups and bowls, reusing corks that may otherwise be thrown away and landscape fabric made from recycled plastic. Every little bit helps in reducing waste and preserving the beauty of the world we live in.

Customization ability will vary from each arrangement, some of the pots and containers are so unique we may only have one of its kind in stock. We strive to bring you as many options as possible when it comes to choosing a color for an air plant terrarium as well as succulent and cacti arrangements. Follow us on social media to be in the know when our options expand to suit your personality or event.

Finally, so often do I hear someone say they can’t take care of a plant. The truth is you can, you just need the right plant and the right information. That’s why I offer online assistance through my blog posts and personal email. Just go to the Contact page to send in your question and you should receive a quick response within 24-48 hours. I want to see you succeed and the plants I provide in particular are incredibly resilient and forgiving.

Happy planting!